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Black Friday is Coming Soon! 

Here is a sale that you can run in three different ways. First, you can give a black Friday handout to the first 25 customers that come in your door. That’s a great way to get customers to come into the showroom because that is the biggest complaint that furniture store owners have today. They complain that the online retailers are hurting them and people don’t visit stores anymore. People will visit your furniture store if you give them a good reason to.  


Second, you can have a private holiday event for your best and most loyal customers. The 3 ways to grow your business are by getting new customers, higher ticket sales, and more repeat purchases. This is a great way to encourage existing or past customers of yours to purchase from you again and be the only or main furniture store that they shop from. Hopefully you will also be that for their friends and family.  


Third and lastly, you can do a Cyber Monday online promotion using email blasts and social media to advertise it. Even if you don’t have a great online presence, you can take advantage of the fact that everyone expects major deals on cyber Monday. This is a great way to get a new customer even if you don’t make a profit on what you sell them. It gives you the chance to cross or up sell them then or in the future if you get their contact information. Re-marketing is one of the best ways to sell more furniture. Great support for the 3 Black Friday ideas above are to give a gift card for a purchase and have point of purchase marketing material. Big Box Furniture in Miami is a great example of this. Their brick & Mortar store front is what gets them the most new customers, but on Black Friday they always get some new customers through the sales on their website.


Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday only last a day each, it doesn’t mean that you or your customers have to wait until then. Offer them an incentive to beat the craziness and do a pre-sale, and then you can also run an extended sale for those who missed it.

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  How to Get Your Customer’s Information Without Them Feeling Like Your Intruding

Some people don’t like giving out their information when they make purchases. Of course if the customer is getting their furniture delivered, then they’ll have to give their number, but if they’re buying and picking up the furniture that day, they may opt to not give you any information. They might not even want to give you their name.  


One easy way to get their number is to tell them to text something to a number for a digital catalog. There is a company called They allow furniture stores to set up a number like 3324 that customers can text a customized message to and they will automatically get back a digital catalog of your choice. This would work especially well with barstools. For example in your showroom you can have a stand that that says text “barstool” to 37428 for a digital book of all our barstools. Then you can promote to the customer that they can be drop shipped to their house within 48 hours.  

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Welcome to Miami

Miami is home to great food, awesome vacation spots, and even better partying. We are also home to a big cruise ship terminal perfect for a weekend getaway. With any planning questions or help you may need, reach out to us and we will offer our hospitality!