How to Get Your Customer’s Information Without Them Feeling Like Your Intruding

Some people don’t like giving out their information when they make purchases. Of course if the customer is getting their furniture delivered, then they’ll have to give their number, but if they’re buying and picking up the furniture that day, they may opt to not give you any information. They might not even want to give you their name.  


One easy way to get their number is to tell them to text something to a number for a digital catalog. There is a company called They allow furniture stores to set up a number like 3324 that customers can text a customized message to and they will automatically get back a digital catalog of your choice. This would work especially well with barstools. For example in your showroom you can have a stand that that says text “barstool” to 37428 for a digital book of all our barstools. Then you can promote to the customer that they can be drop shipped to their house within 48 hours.  

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