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social media

Throughout the years, there have been several important technical advances. However, being able to communicate has reached onto another level. To many people; whether you are a student, athlete or an entrepreneur, social media is simply about the next big thing. Social media’s reputation is about creating interest, so many will follow. That equates to increasing sales or gathering more views. Anytime you have an opportunity to showcase yourself, especially on social media, you become more valuable or in other words more popular. For example, Justin Bieber is a great story of how social media can work. People became acquainted to this young boy who was extraordinarily talented and from the buzz landed him a record deal with Usher, a famous pop star. It is no surprise, that utilizing social media creates more loyalty from your fans or customers. A well known singer, Beyoncé Knowles, has her own fan club called the “Bey-hive” which establishes her own group of supporters. Whenever she launches a new album her loyal follower will buy and become a mouth piece of her music.

Another important aspect about social media is that you can convert people or find new friends with similar interest. President Obama was the first president to use social media to connect with the younger audience. That being said, social media has become the new standard in communicating. Apps/websites such as; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn etc… has become an everyday task for many. It has affected the way we vote for our presidential candidates, how we brand companies, how we convey our personal stories to the world and how we become closer to our friends and families that live far away. The greatest feature of social media is that you can interact freely throughout the world. Most apps are designed with no limits to how often you can communicate, which is 24/7. Also, you’re connected with news instantaneously almost as it is happening anywhere on this planet. Just think, two hundred years ago in this country when George Washington was elected president of the United States, it took weeks for everyone in the union to know that he was their new president. Now, we are quickly aware of political news. Lastly, social media has been compared to the adoption of radio, television and the phone. It has helped sling shot businesses to greater success or elicited more inquiry on a specific subject. If you want to learn about what people are talking about, simply going on social media, your fingers are on the pulse of what’s happening in fashion, music, celebrity news, entertainment and sports.

People are more infatuated with celebrities which makes social media practical for the success of a celebrity. There was a recent poll that showed Justin Bieber had more followers on twitter than president, Barack Obama. Therefore, to create more followers it makes more sense to be a celebrity. Another way to create more of a following towards your account, is doing something that is outside the norm. There was a big phenomenon of a teenage girl on Dr. Phil who saw her social media followers increase after displaying an undesirable behavior on television that caught the attention of many.Most people enjoy comedy and drama which resorts to free entertainment. Which means, many people want to see a train wreck occur. Finally, there is a soft side to people. When was the last time a cute little dog or a cuddly baby caught your attention on social media? Those images seem to appeal to many people, which are key ways to attract followers on social media. Many people are attracted to posts that are adventurous and unique. By using other photo editing apps makes the image a lot more creative or abstract which catches a lot of eyes.

In addition, social media is well known for connecting others together. You can follow the people you know or you find interest in with their posts. Or you can have access to a well known person through their social media account and message with them. Another great way for networking is by looking up many job openings or distinguishing a new business. With commenting and liking the person with the account will find enjoyment by the positivity they’re getting from the other users. Facebook even reminds people of birthdays coming up or old memories that happened on that exact day. With social media networking, many people can socialize amongst those in different job fields. But having a well approached social media upgrades the chances of receiving a great job offer because it shows great character for the workplace. Many work offices like that most of their clients know how to use social media accounts or are technically savvy because most of our information is relayed on the computer or other technical devices.

Lastly, social media accounts speed up the process of learning things quickly. With fast connections to every day life such as; celebrity news, politics, economics, fashion updates. Many people are exposed to news fast due to Facebook or Instagram because more people are posting about news that is relevant to our time. For example, while the whole presidency between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I was able to get information on both candidates about who had more votes as I looked on Instagram and Facebook. People would post certain things of anger or happiness due to the results they were receiving through other websites or news channels. Social media is a great way to receive information fast and receive information that just took place. With big fan following, every brand can reach to maximum potential buyers. To increase fan following, any one can check this out.

In conclusion, social media if used appropriately can lead to many opportunities. It’s cheap, fast, convenient and reliable. The potential is vast and whether you like social media or not, it is not going anywhere and will always remain apart of the human fabric.