Renewable energy and its impact on the world

Renewable energy can be defined as the energy generated from renewable sources such as sunlight, heat, wind and tides. These are renewable sources of energy generation. They can be continuously and naturally renewed. Some of the technologies related to renewable may include solar power, hydroelectricity, bio-fuels and wind power. They can be continuously replenished. This energy impacts on the world through different sources. We provide detail about these impacts one by one.

Improvement in human health

Nonrenewable sources of energy generation can cause diseases in human. Coal and natural gas cause the air and water pollution which results in the bad effects on the health of people. It may cause breathing problems, cancer, and heart attacks. The shifting trend from the non-renewable to the renewable sources can prevent such diseases and improve human health. Electricity generation from renewables may lead to reducing air and water pollution which benefit to the human. This reduces the mortality rate of premature babies. Other renewable sources for the energy generation including solar, hydroelectric and wind system reduce the emission of pollutants. Renewable emits air pollutants in less amount than the non-renewables. Biomass energy production system cause less air pollution than the coal and natural gas.

Impact on job industry

The nonrenewable energy industry is capital intensive and renewable energy is labor intensive. This creates more job opportunities in renewable industry for power generation. Each unit of electricity which uses renewable sources provides more jobs for the unemployed. Plants in the United States support unemployed people. Wind energy industry in the United States provided jobs to the 75000 employees in different departments such as manufacturing, transportation and logistics, operations, finance and project development. In the United States, more than 500 plants operate for the wind power generation. In addition to the wind turbines industry, hydroelectricity and solar power generation industry provide job opportunities for the employees. Developments in renewable power plants are increasing the potential of job creation for employees.

Stable power prices

Renewable sources provide affordable electricity for households. Electric companies using the renewable sources facilitate stable electricity prices to people. In the future, these prices will get lower more. The opportunity of the renewable improves electricity as well as prices. This reduction in prices is due to the less cost on the renewable energy technologies. For example, the price of solar penal has reduced during the previous years. This has reduced the electricity prices for people. Solar penal prices have reduced to almost 60%. Similarly, energy generation from wind power charges less cost and this results to provide the cheap electricity to people. The cost of wind power generation has reduced 80% during 2012. The cost of generating power through wind sources can be reduced more in areas where strong wind sources are available. In such areas, the cost of power generation may compete with the generation of electricity through fossil fuels. Texas is one of such countries where production cost is relatively lower due to wind power generation. The trend in cost reduction will increase in future when markets mature and electric industry will develop through utilizing economies of scale.

So, renewable energy provides more facilities to the world. It has a greater impact in every field of the world. Some other fields where renewable sources impact includes economy, vast and smooth energy supply to the world.