The Arab League Park in Casablanca eyes opening in September 2017

Arab Park

In few days, the contractors and companies in the light fixtures market will be awarded to undertake the development of the attractions at Yasmina Park in the city of Casablanca. It is part of the development projects launched for the Arab League Park. The aesthetics of the attractions are based on the natural elements like water, wood, sand and rope. Ferrous materials will be banned for rides. Those who often pass through Moulay Youssef Boulevard have certainly noticed that entire walls have been demolished giving visibility on both parts of the Park of the Arab League.  According to the CEO of the local development company (project owner), Driss Moulay Rachid, anything that blocked the view of the park in the East and West sections will be completely removed to create breakthroughs and make way for rehabilitation and upgrading of the park.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Honorary President of the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta, the new attractions in the Arab League Park in Casablanca can help improve Morocco’s tourism sector. It will also attract more local visitors to spend more quality time with their loved ones. Foreign companies may also take advantage of the flourishing status of Morocco’s economic capital to invest and enter the Moroccan market by offering business partnerships and setting up new ventures in the Kingdom. Discussions will also be initiated with the tennis clubs adjacent to the park, which are also owned by the city so that they can open up to their surroundings and the existing walls will be replaced by screening that does not block the view. Within these clubs, the revolutionary constructions will also be shattered, according to Casa Aménagement.

Furthermore, Yasmina Park will be responsible for the several attractions such as slides, climbing nets, a smart fountain with a water jet and fog over will be provided. In this park, no rides will be made and installed using scrap metal. As for the management section, the choice of the SDL which will take care of it has not yet been accomplished and is still ongoing. But then again two companies are on the table, and they are Casa Events and Casa service, according to the same source.

As for the catering side and refreshments section of the Yasmina Park, snack cafés will be installed to provide food to the visitors.

Their delivery was made to animate the whole park. Five of the different sections of the park were built by Casa Aménagement to keep the same design, the same work of the field. The part that is improved will be given back to those who occupied the cafes located outside the park at Boulevard Moulay Youssef but with a more precise specification according to the President of Casa Aménagement. In addition to the rehabilitation of the green spaces of the park, the project foresees the creation of a Skate Park and a sports course.

The total budget is MAD100 million is financed by the Commune of Casablanca (client) and allocated to the tune of MAD45 million. The Ministry of the Interior contributed MAD35 million and MAD20 million by the region of Casablanca-Settat. The project will be completed in September 2017.