Travel guide to North Africa in 2017

Agadir Morocco

Planning a trip to North Africa is good to travel idea as its called home of Ibn Battuta. There is so much to see and experience. People who are lovers of beautiful scenery can take a visit to the Sahara desert and ancient sights. For all the activities, event and attraction a travel guide is available for the tourists. The travel guide is also available for you if you want to visit Libya, Morocco, Western Sahara, and Sudan. North African deserts, mountains, and coast are always attracting tourists to visit. The ease of tourism is high over here.

Best destinations to visit in North Africa:

Pyramids of Egypt:

The ancient and beautiful site called the pyramids of Giza should be visited by the tourists. It is located outside of the Cario and comprises three complexes of pyramids, it is also included in the seven wonders of the world. It is the only and oldest site available to see. With the help of travel guide, you can visit this place.


The place in the central Mali called the old town of Djnne was a stop for merchant slaves from where they take salts and good across the Sahara to Morocco. This town made of bricks and palm fronds are the beautiful towns in the city and in the North Africa region. The mosque in the town is the important and the focal point of the city

Cities to visit:

Marrakech city:

The city of Morocco is the heart of the tourism. Spending some days of your trip here will be amazing and enjoyable. Visiting different gardens and relaxing over there, seeing ancient buildings and courtyards will make your trip more exciting. This city also has deserts area, to see the sand side you can visit with the help of travel guide.

City Tunis:

Many armies have fought in this area and had an adventurous history. It was the shelter for the Pirates but was blasted by the British army. In this city, you can find and experience many cultures. This is the place where an adventurer can find everything.


This place you can find wide-ranging libraries in the history, the two in the seven wonders of the world and advanced lighthouse. In the past some years some wonders were lost, but still, there are some which tourists should visit to see. The museum is also a place to visit.

Beaches in the North Africa:

Sharm el sheik:

Visitors to the Egypt after seeing the pyramids should also visit to see the modern delights along the red sea coast. The beach called Sharm el-Sheikh, the most expensive beach with high-end resorts. They are fully furnished and equipped with latest things, from the terrace you can have a beautiful view of the beach.


In Morocco, the Agadir is the most popular resort of the seaside. The breeze over there gives you a wonderful experience. Kite surfing or relaxing on the sand all will be all experience one should be remembered. On these beaches, a travel guide is available for your help.