What is best in Dakhla desert for Tours

Dakhla is the place where the desert meets the sea. It is located in the disputed territories of the Western Sahara. The dispute to govern the region had prevented it to establish fully for the tourists, but still it is a good place to visit.

The native people of this region owe culture of both Sahrawi and Moroccan, having the deserts customs with modern habits. The local people are very friendly with the visitors. Visiting this place give you chance to meet them and experience their culture.

Desert of Dakhla:

The journey to desert is preferred by the vast desert scape. Far from the coastline, journey to Dune Blanche is so exciting, surrounded by the desert from all four sides. One should visit to see all the adventure. The temperature over here is always hot.

The thing not to miss while traveling to the Dakhla desert in February is their festival. This is an event which occurs yearly, many people gather over here, it is a kind of reunion and enjoyment. Artists perform, sings dance and do many other things.

Things which are best to do:

Many people visit this place to enjoy and relax. Most people come here to do kite surfing, it is becoming a famous place for it. You can find instructors over here for teaching you, if you don’t know how to fly.

When visiting this place, you should also visit the beaches. The wind blow so much that sometimes makes difficult for you to relax, but still you can do many other activities.

The ride into the desert is very adventurous. One who visit there should experience the ride as well, an experience that you will remember for your lifetime.



The food is very important during the trip. The Dakhla restaurants are good and you can buy food at reasonable prices. In Dakhla you can’t find a fast food chain, but now some up class spots have been made for the visitors. Where you can buy pizza, sandwiches and burger.

Due to the number of tourists is increasing, that’s why many people are opening high-end restaurants to facilitate them.

Dakhla is not having places or mausoleum, but it is surrounded by amazing landscape. It is the perfect place to enjoy. It’s amazing fish port, old houses, lighthouses and sand dunes are all the things which make the trip more rememberable. You can walk several hours on the road and enjoy all the scenery.


The best of Dakhla is that it gives you accommodation in your budget. The tourist coming here, should not worry about the accommodation. Dakhla provides you accommodation on the desert and beaches. If you want a good place many good hotels are available for you. These hotels are situated in a location that give very a beautiful view of the Dakhla.

This is a peaceful place, local people are friendly and warmly welcome you to their country. To make the trip more easy, you can hire a travel guide.